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Hello Readers! Well, I finally made it…the last post of the year.  I have to say I didn’t think I would be able to make my deadline every week, much less through the entire year.  And with the exception of one week (which screwed me up because of a time change), I managed to pull […]

Hello reader! This week we continue working with the Windows DNS script from last week.  The next step in my process was the ability to search the data.  Now in my case, I’m only interested in two fields, the Remote IP field and the Question Name field. Mind you this is designed around the script […]

Hello Reader! This week we’re going back and revisiting my Windows DNS script from a couple of weeks ago.  What I had planned to do when I first wrote the script is add the ability to write it all to a SQLite database.  After that I’m going to make a script that will let me […]

Hello Reader! This week we continue on to part three of parsing out a Norton NPE log file.  For this weeks script, I wanted to focus on parsing out the File details section of the Suspicious Items section, eventually applying it to the Infection Detection section. I’m dealing with this in two parts, again because […]