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Hello Reader! Well, we’re coming into the home stretch.  It’s week Forty Eight, and only four weeks left on the calendar.  To be honest I’m shocked I made it this far (and there were some close calls).  But the year isn’t over, so on to this weeks bit of code! I’m continuing to look at […]

Hello Reader! This weeks post is going to be a quick one.  It’s been a crazy week with some personal items I’ve been dealing with.  Which has consisted of sick family members, SNOMGPOCALYPSE, and a 24 hour power outage in my home.  So unfortunately I didn’t get as far with this weeks script as I […]

Hello Reader! This week we continue our Windows DNS log parsing script.  Most of this script consists of the functions I created to parse the data. First up is the function that parses out the Opcode field of the log.  This field has four possible options, and I’m just taking the value in the log […]

Hello Reader! This weeks script comes from a case I’m working on right now for my job, and while I didn’t HAVE to write a python script for it, when I was talking with my co-worker about looking through some Windows DNS logs, he said to me…”There’s your python script for the week.” And thus, […]

Hello Reader! Ok this is going to be a quick post.  For this week I started working on a script to help my kids practice their division.  It’s similar to the multiplication one I did back with Week 41.  However, what I wanted to do was avoid any remainder problems.  So what I did this […]