Year of Python (YOP) – Week Forty One


Hello Reader!

Well this weeks script is coming completely out of left field.  I started a new job this week and didn’t have a chance to put a lot of time into this weeks script.  However, I have been wanting to work on a math testing program for my kids, so this is a first pass at it.

I created a simple multiplication script, where you choose the lowest and highest numbers to multiply with, and then you specify how many questions you want to answer.  From there I just run a function that randomly chooses two numbers between your low and high, and multiplies it together.  At the same time it counts down from how many questions you want it to ask.  When it’s done the program just exits.

My plan with this script long term is two fold.  One, I’m going to use it to start playing around with python in a web browser, so I can have my kids just go to a site and answer the questions (yes I know there are sites out there already that do this).  Second I’m going to have it grow as my kids enter new grades and advance towards algebra, calculus, etc.  I’m also planning on adding a scoring system to keep track of how they are doing, and for basic math I want to add a timer.  That way for something like multiplication, you’re not only trying to answer all the problems, but you’re also trying to do it before time runs out.  So we’ll see how that progresses…

Until next week!


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