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Hello Reader! This week I’m changing gears a bit.  Recently I’ve been doing a lot of checking on IP addresses that show up in logs, memory dumps, alerts, etc.  And I decided it would nice to have a simple script that can just pull that information for me automatically without typing multiple commands over and […]

Hello Reader! This week we return to pieces of my case management system. I decided to create a Chain of Custody entry system.  It’s based off the script from Week 38, but I’ve altered it to allow you to enter in the basic information for a standard chain of custody entry.  Namely when it happened, […]

Hello Reader! Well this weeks script is coming completely out of left field.  I started a new job this week and didn’t have a chance to put a lot of time into this weeks script.  However, I have been wanting to work on a math testing program for my kids, so this is a first […]

Hello Reader! Here we are at week 40!  Only 12 more weeks to go! This week I continue segments for my overall case management system.  This week I’m focusing on case notes, which are a critical part of any case management system.  I also think the best system is one where you can collaborate on […]