Year of Python (YOP) – Week Thirty Eight


Hello Reader!

This weeks script is some more experimentation I’m working on for a larger project.  One thing I’ve been looking for over the years is a case management system for Digital Forensic cases.  A lot of the products I’ve seen have been more focused on evidence handling, but that’s it.  What about case notes?  Being able to scan documents in to the system, or print out bar code labels to put on evidence items.

Now there are some commercial products out there that do that, but a lot of friends tell me their companies just build their own in house.  And so I’ve thought about making an open source case management system that anyone can use and customize.

So the script this week is the first step towards this larger project.  And while I’ll may do bits and pieces over the remaining weeks of this project, I’m planning on putting together the overall program once the Year of Python is done.

This script basically allows you to store evidence in a sqlite database.  It’s straightforward in terms of what it’s going to record:

  • What type of evidence
  • Make
  • Model
  • Serial number

And then writes it into the database you specify when you start up the program.  I decided to put the entry part into a function, because I’m thinking about different functions to do different things (add evidence, view evidence, etc).  Hopefully that will let me make the larger program modular once it’s done.

Until next week!


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