Year of Python (YOP) – Week Thirty Seven


Hello Reader!

This week is a bit of a break from what I’ve been working on lately.  And it basically popped up last minute as an idea.

Earlier this week (I think on Twitter), I saw a post for Attribution Dice:!/Dice/c/12550174/inview=product48227935&offset=0&sort=normal

I sent it to a co-worker, and we had joked around about implementing it into our workflow at the office.  While we were talking I joked that I should create a script to do the same thing as the dice.  And lo this weeks Year of Python was born!

This is a really simple python script.  I created a function for each “die” that randomly chooses a term from a list (Country, Actor, Vulnerability, and Vector).  From there I just have the program generate a roll.  At that point, you can choose to either make another “roll” or just quit the program.

Again just something I thought of off the cuff…full credit to Cyberattribution for the idea.

Until next week!


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