Year of Python (YOP) – Week Thirty Six


Hello Reader!

This weeks script is a bit of a work in progress.  It’s also helping me with another script I’ve thought out but haven’t been able to pull together yet….this week we’re talking Regular Expressions.

At work I have a template form that I use when I acquire mobile phones.  I’ve made some markers on the template that I just replace when I’m working with a new device.  It consists of just the employees name, account, phone model, OS version, etc, and I have one for iPhones as well as Android devices.  This week I wanted to work on automating a script that would allow me to just enter the information, and then replace the markers in the file.

There are a few parts I need to add into this script, which I’m going to be doing over the next few weeks.  I haven’t put in the pieces of code when I write a new file with the replaced values in it.

The way I decided to approach this script was to use functions to replace the different markers in the script.  I figured if I needed to do something similar later it would just be a matter of replacing/rewriting functions.

But like I said this week is a work in progress and a learning step, I’ll be adding more to it in the weeks to come.

Until next week!


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