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Hello reader! This weeks script is a continuation of what I started on last week.  However I am just starting to play around with creating the over all case itself.  Right now there’s not much to this, and it has some similarities to what I worked on last week. The one little piece I played […]

Hello Reader! This weeks script is some more experimentation I’m working on for a larger project.  One thing I’ve been looking for over the years is a case management system for Digital Forensic cases.  A lot of the products I’ve seen have been more focused on evidence handling, but that’s it.  What about case notes? […]

Hello Reader! This week is a bit of a break from what I’ve been working on lately.  And it basically popped up last minute as an idea. Earlier this week (I think on Twitter), I saw a post for Attribution Dice:!/Dice/c/12550174/inview=product48227935&offset=0&sort=normal I sent it to a co-worker, and we had joked around about implementing […]

Hello Reader! This weeks script is a bit of a work in progress.  It’s also helping me with another script I’ve thought out but haven’t been able to pull together yet….this week we’re talking Regular Expressions. At work I have a template form that I use when I acquire mobile phones.  I’ve made some markers […]