Year of Python (YOP) – Week Thirty Five


Hello Readers!

This week is going to be another short one.  The script I wanted to put up this week isn’t finished yet, still working some of the kinks out of it.  So in place of it this week I put up a script I wrote when I was creating the YOP Week 11 script.

This weeks script uses the libewf library to mount an E01 or L01 image.  It’s calling ewfmount as part of the script, so you need to make sure it’s already installed on your system.

The basic test with this script was to make sure when I was using the subprocess module, I was doing it correctly.  To that end this script will allow you to mount either an E01 or L01 image on to your computer.  All you need to do is pass it the first file name in the E01/L01 segment, specify if it’s an L01 image (this one is optional), and where you want to mount it.

Again the original purpose of this script was to help me with testing.  To that end there’s not much too it, but you never know when a little bit of code like that can help someone out in the long run….

Until next week!


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