Year of Python (YOP) – Week Thirty Four


Hello Reader,

This week I wanted to shift my focus a bit into creating some type of GUI interface for one of my previous scripts.  I’ve been wanting to play around with a stand alone GUI interface as well as a web interface.  I’m doing a GUI interface this week, using Tkinter, and I’m thinking of trying a web interface next week.  I chose Tkinter only because it’s built in to Python and works on all three OS’s (Windows, OS X, and Linux).

The script I decided to put the front end on was the YOP Week 20 script, which simply parses out the header for a Windows LNK file.

To make this script work, I did a LOT of googling, but I would like to thank the Mouse vs Python blog for a post that helped get it all working.  Mike has a great blog, and he’s written a great intro book to Python.

The main challenge in writing this script was how to get the output redirected into the GUI interface.  There are a lot of tutorials and samples on how to create the part that allows you to pick and load the file to parse.  However there aren’t as many that I was able to find to talk about how to redirect output to a window.  I was also trying to avoid using OOP code, since I’m still learning how to write OOP Python code.

Until next week!


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