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Hello Readers! This week is going to be another short one.  The script I wanted to put up this week isn’t finished yet, still working some of the kinks out of it.  So in place of it this week I put up a script I wrote when I was creating the YOP Week 11 script. […]

Hello Reader, This week I wanted to shift my focus a bit into creating some type of GUI interface for one of my previous scripts.  I’ve been wanting to play around with a stand alone GUI interface as well as a web interface.  I’m doing a GUI interface this week, using Tkinter, and I’m thinking […]

Hello Readers! Well this week will be another short one, I’m on vacation right now, but I did write up a new script this week….however…. This one comes with a catch.  I currently don’t have any way to test it…. You may or may not have heard recently how Lenovo up until April of this […]

Hello Reader, Unfortunately this week I’m travelling, so I had to pull out a script from my past (this will also be a short post).  It’s the vacation time of year, so it’s hard to sit down consistently and get new code written. About a year or two ago I needed to parse through some […]

Hello Reader! This week I’ve started to go back to my Year of Python script for week 22, and parse out some of the ESE DB Header information further.  I ended up writing two more functions that parse out the Database State Code and the Log Position. Once again I have to credit Joachim Metz’s great […]