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Hello Reader! So this weeks piece of code is a continuation of the work I started on the index.dat file in YOP Weeks 4 and 5.  My hope is to eventually have one script that will parse out the entire file, but for now I’m doing it piecemeal.  In the previous posts we tackled the […]

Hello Reader! This weeks script is brought to you by MIcrosoft’s Patch Tuesday, and the MS15-034 fix that came out this month… So we started looking at what systems we needed to patch for this vulnerability, and I started to think about some of the programs that are on the servers I use that don’t […]

Hello Readers! This week I’m taking a trip back to the past a bit (for me anyway).  Originally I was planning on publishing some code that worked with IMAP and webmail accounts, however I ran out of time in getting the code in a working state.  My plan is still to publish it during this […]

Hello Reader! This weeks script comes out of some playing around I was doing with sqlite databases.  In the class I teach, we were talking about Mozilla Firefox artifacts, along with Google Analytics Cookies.  While I was talking about the different types of utm* cookies that are present, I thought about writing a quick script […]