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Hello Reader! This weeks piece of code is actually a script I’m preparing to run at a later date.  I have some data on a system at work that I’m looking to move to our SAN.  The end goal is consolidating some files that all belong to the same category.  However because of the nature […]

Hello reader! This weeks script is a rather simple one.  As you may or may not know there’s some malware floating around the Internet that uses Office documents as its initial “lure” to the reader.  I’m sure most of you could look through your spam mail of your <insert free webmail service here> account and […]

Hello reader! This week I’m changing gears a bit.  This week I’ve been playing around with kicking off other programs using Python.  So I did some reading about the subprocess module. On a few occasions I’ve had to work with drive images from OS X systems.  And a lot of them have been encrypted with […]

Hello Reader! Well we’ve hit week ten, and this will be the third VBR script in this “mini series”.  This time I’ve written a snippet of code that will parse an NTFS VBR. Again the code overall follows the same basic structure as the FAT VBR’s, but NTFS has some different structure once you get […]

Hello Readers! This week is a continuation of sorts from my code from last week.  As you recall I created a script to parse the volume boot record of a FAT32 volume.  This week my script is designed to parse a volume boot record from a FAT12/16 file system. The overall goal will be a […]