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Hello Reader! I teach part time at a college.  It’s a great experience being able to pass on things you’ve learned in the field you work in.  And for me it helps reinforce a lot of the “fundamentals” that one takes for granted as the years go on.  I definitely recommend anyone who gets the […]

Hello readers! This week I needed to create a script to scan some servers in my environment to confirm that an agent we deployed was installed.  I could use the “native” client that comes with the agent to do my check, but this gave me an opportunity to write some code.  Plus it would be […]

Hello Reader! This week, I wanted to get back to my code from Week Two, where I created a program to download the md5 hash files from the VXShare website.  What I wanted to do was create a configuration file to track the last file that I downloaded, as well as create a new file […]

Hello Reader! So here we are at part 2 from last weeks post. On the Github site, the Week 5 code contains both parts in it.  I figured it would be easier to have the entire piece of code then trying to separate out the second part of the code. So at this part of […]