Year of Python (YOP) – Week Four


Hello Reader!

So we’ve made it to one month, and this week we have a two part code snippet.  Both parts of code for this week and next are designed to parse the header of an index.dat file.  I’m using the following paper from Joachim Metz to parse the code: (click on the Documentation link)

The code parses the first 72 bytes of the file header.  What I decided to do when I was writing this is create two functions.  One to parse out a 4 byte value, and the other to parse out an 8 byte value.  That way I’m able to reuse the same functions multiple times.  The same two functions will also be used in part 2 of this script when I post it next week.

def ie_ind_four_byte(decoder):
    ind_four_byte = struct.unpack("<L", decoder[0:4])
    return ind_four_byte[0]
def ie_ind_eight_byte(decoder):
     ind_eight_byte = struct.unpack("<Q", decoder[0:8])
     return ind_eight_byte[0]

Once the data is all parsed out, it prints the output for the user.  Part 2 next week will be the code I wrote to parse the cache directory table.

Until then!


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