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Hello Reader! So we’ve made it to one month, and this week we have a two part code snippet.  Both parts of code for this week and next are designed to parse the header of an index.dat file.  I’m using the following paper from Joachim Metz to parse the code: (click on the Documentation […]

Hello Reader! Well this week I’m sort of taking a shortcut, but what I enjoyed about this script is it was rather easy for me to write. I’m happy about that because it at least gives me some hope that this resolution will accomplish what I want it to. I teach Computer Forensics part time […]

Hello reader! So far so good.  I’ve made it to my second week, and a second snippet of code…. This week, I’m starting to put together a script I’ve been wanting to create for a few months.  I use X-Ways Forensics ( as my primary forensics tool.  And along with the NIST hashes that are […]

Hello Reader! So I decided to do a new type of New Years Resolution for 2015.  For the past few years I’ve been attempting to learn Python on my own.  I’ve always felt that having some type of programming skill can be helpful for anyone working in IT.  I think it gives people an opportunity […]